The only thing I'm "happy" about is that you finally understand that money is like a bullet, in that once someone  "lets it go", it doesn't care where it goes or who gets it. You can be rich or poor, honest or crook, a jerk or a Saint; it doesn't matter... it will treat us all the same way.

There is a well known, quote written for the "investor" in all of us that speaks to our understanding of ourselves. I'm not going try and find it, or re-write it from memory (it is quite lengthy) but basically the writer speaks of human failures (greed, arrogance, ignorance, gambler, etc.) and says that if you don't know and understand yourself very well, the stock market is an expensive place to find out.

Until we invest I'd dare say that most of us don't know ourselves quite as well as we first thought we did... most of us have learned one lesson or another over our investment careers (if you want to call it that)... so there is no need to feel alone; and the sun will still rise tomorrow.

Now if you ever get to the point that you stop blaming everyone else for what has happened and "look within", you might actually grow as a person and it will prevent this from happening to you again. (At least on this grand scale)