It seems to me that Andrew Osis not only outsmarted all the Poynt shareholders but he was so clever that he outsmarted himself.


Any idiot that will put a company at risk for a short term goal indeed is an idiot.  Maybe, just maybe, Poynt was not worth a darn.


I think that it was Kevin987 who suggested to keep a list of sites as browser favourites.  I have unstalled all seven (yes now it's seven) Poynt downloads and using my browser for all the important stuff.  I declare, I am not supporting the Poynt mobile app again.  Its gone! Its done!


But I do believe that INT is in deep financial trouble.  The dilution is beginning to look a lot like Christmas (opps, I mean Poynt) and they will eventually have to deal will stock consolidation issues (code for "reverse stock split").  


Take care everyone and all the best in the future