Thankyou Andrew Osis all the way, Great job! You made me look like a complete jerk to find a VC to help you. What kind of Business Manager are you anyways? I dont make deals without reassuring the borrowers of getting their money back paid with interest. Im not taking this one anymore. I got a family to provide for, these guys dont care about anybody only themselves. My time was wasted, I paid a big phone bill that was also wasted. My family needs the money. I dont help anyone for free. Neither do you 2 CEOs, got it! AO dont bother to contact me. I will say alot more. Im a Professional in the Retail Industry not an idiot and a fool.

 Im contacting the TSX about the PYN listing. Toronto Commission is under fire in Calgary about no audit done on 2012 financials. I will contact the PM to change the laws on handling these bankrupt companys.

Int is welcomed to keep Poynts proud achievement, "the App Platform". It should conquer the app industry and maybe defeat Facebook and Apples Apps. It should make Int shareholders triple their money also. Im so proud of making a "great" decision in investing with such a great company that is fast moving forward.

You CEOs call losing our money in the Stock Market a positive move forward. It has a bigger different meaning going backwards. Bugoff you should be very happy to know I do admit my own down fall. It should make me a real man now. Doesnt pay to be honest now a days.