lacquer nails smiley  Poynt was a nice small company to put money in as an investor few years ago. They were making money in North America, then they expanded in Europe which they were starting to making money.

What's happened next!!!

Instead of putting their financial book in order, they tried to expand in India which is very hard to do business when you are from a foreign country.


PS: THE FROG THAT WISHED TO BE AS BIG AS THE OX. ( La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le Bœuf. )


Oasis, this is for you;


As small as a hen egg
An envious little frog
Seeing a bulky ox
Starts swelling and swelling
Trying to be as big as he is.
-“Look at me now - exclaims she puffed up:-
“Am I now as big as you are?”-”Not enough,
my old friend.”- And she keeps on swelling
And stretching and straining, enlarging
till she bursts as a bladder.
Folks all show and no substance,
Ambitious and brainless men,
Or people despising their own right place,
How many people as this frog are!

( Jean de La Fontaine )