Thanks uPROFIT.

That Microsoft Translator is a great tool.  I also hear that MS is in the early/advance stage of developing a speech to speech translator.


Now that makes me wonder why Andrew threw "our" hat behind the "ortsbo" people and lost his entire company when he secured it against a short-term loan.  


Andrew Osis is something else!

Something tells me that he is having a Merry Merry Christmas.  Afterall he has unpaid salary to collect and he was indeed generously rewarded for all the foolishness that he did.


Let's all remember that he also has his portion of the DIP financing at 20% interest rated to collect.  When DIPs were being distributed AO jumped at the opportunity.  Why not!  Send the company to bankruptcy and then collect DIP financing at 20%.


I am not saying that this is a conflict of interest but optics would have been better served if AO's Dip was at a lower more reasonable rate like say 14%


Andrew, it is about optics.  Particularly for long suffering shareholders.


You guys know something.  All those 0.02$ shares may see their "parents" experiencing the empty nest syndrome when their money is gone.


What I cannot tolerate:

Acelove pretending to save the company.  He speaketh so much rubbish that I know that he is phone.


Acelove is a counterfeit white knight.