But bugoff, financially I am not in a mess.  What on earth gave you that impression.  


Of course I admit that I lose a few.  Do you think that Poynt was my only loss!  I lost the entire investment that I made in Fuel Cell Technology also.  Here are a few more:

  • Imaging Dymanics
  • Superior Energy

But my friend I am a risk taker and I love to live on the edge.  It makes my sharp.

I have also made tons with Patriot Scientific, Zarlink Semi,  and TransGlobe Energy.  Please don't compare me to you.  I am sure that you are great and wealthy.


Money maketh nothing!  It is proof of nothing!  But I am certain you do not hold one-tenth of my assets.  You are just a blabbering idiot.  That is why I gave you some sage advice when I suggested that you ST FU!  


I am another risk exposure.  It is Mint Technology.  This is my 2013 play.


It takes big and bold moves such as this to make money.  Of course I have some boring stocks also

  1. WiLan
  2. Canacol
  3. B2Gold
  4. Capstone Mining
  5. Taseko Mines
  6. Questerre Energy
  7. TD
  8. ScotiaBand
  9. Royal Bank
  10. And lots more

But I love the thrill of a risky play.  And further, if the bottom falls from the stock market because of EuroZone or Fiscal Cliff worries so what.  i have other non stock investments also.


Now go find some peace and calm