See Thian, this is the exact mentality that got you into this mess in the first place. There is absolutely zero doubt in your mind that you can and will win a law suit against PYN and whomever else you choose to sue... just like there was absolutely no doubt in your mind that PYN was going to make you millions with a meager investment at the penny level.

Even a moderated and experienced group of seasoned investors cannot change your mind once you've made it up... even if everything that you are thinking goes against good judgement and common sense.

You cannot WILL the stock market OR the courts to vote in your favour.... the sooner you realize this the sooner you'll stop losing money.

If you want a game you will always win at, go play in a sand box... you're playing with the big boys now and they don't give a _ _ _ t who you are, what you think, or how much money you might or might not have, because in this game they want all you've got... no matter if it's $10.00 or 10 million; and if you don't dummy up real quick they WILL take it all!

If you did any reading about what I said about INT, you would have known that I likely think less of DL than I ever thought about the PYN CEO.