Im asking you all "Poynt Shareholders" agreement for a first proposed class action lawsuit filed against the company Board Members in January 2013, issuing a stay of Poynt Corp by a court order.

The "Stay" plans to vigorously defend an attempts to get court approval to proceed with the lawsuit. No other attempt of any legal actions, be taken place.

The lawsuit proposal will ask for $20 million in Poynt`s Assets in damages from Poynt and certain officers and directors of the company, including CEO Andrew Osis, "for knowingly misleading investors about Poynt`s growth and profit potential."

It is is being brought on behalf of all investors who bought shares of Poynt between July 1, 2012 and Nov.1,2012.

If you shareholders agree with my proposel statement please email with your agreed letter to do so.

All letters by Poynt`s shareholders are to be emailed to me directly. [email protected] for legal action. Without your letters I cannot pursue this action.