Meeky thanks for contacting mark Kelly from the law firm (Hardie & Kelly).


Good information there and thanks for that effort.


The only person to blame for this meltdown is Andrew Osis.  He sold his tainted alcohol to every long on the board.  If you listen to his last webinar he was musing about how everybody's crystal ball was as good as his crystall ball.  Then lo and behold, the List of Creditors was released by the Trustee and it showed a madman on a spending spree.


But remember every long drank from that tainted alcohol.  Andrew Osis fooled all the longs and even the new investors who purchased millions of shares.  There was on person from TD who purchased over 2MM units between the price range on 0.025$ and 0.015$.  He is now sitting on the same can as every other Poynt investor (as he is now a member of this august group).


Were you mislead by other posters?  No!  Like me you were a greedy gullible pig!  So like me blame yourself.  You are behaving like Andrew now.  So what is the story that you are giving your wife.


"Honey, ddubs75, wheelsonabuss, thian, cabbie, gopyn (sometimes because of his disorder), bigpockets inc, et al.  All these idiots lost their money.  I take you a bet, thian is not living a life of opulence again.  He is crying like a baby.  Meeky, I can say that I held my position because of you.


Wake up Meeky.  The fault belongs to Andrew Osis.   And further, I am 100% certain that you do not have money to invest in a lawyer (wanna to lose more more money eh!).


Stop lamenting and give praise and thanks to God.  Life is more that money.  The lesson learned here is priceless.  Some CEO's are snake oil dealers.  That is the lesson.  This is worth the cost of a university education.  Thus be thankful