we have seen 4 days of great trading, mostly foreign buying, taking a bigger position in the new company. while the company has a few near term side deals to complete with Maha, those that took down the 10m dollar financing know the importance of positioning the company for the upcoming financing of 70m dollars. the general expectation of financing tranches, would imply at least 30%, more likely 50%+ de-risking premium to those new investors. This means a .26-.30c stock (minimum) on PXL. While we are only at 4 days of trading, and some 4.5m shares, we are getting close to finishing those that want out, and they have been accommodated. IMO, by Friday (tomorrow), you want to see the same trading we saw last week, where strength comes into the market and takes out the offers on the board, likely to 20c. after that shake of the tree ... you see what falls out. Anderson (AXL) has been a great example of taking out the old overhang, and just how much and how quick it can move. I was glad to be on that with recommendation by Accumen at .22c ... up 50% since. so we shall see if the Swedes have any real strength and are serious about this investment .... because 6 days below the deal price of 19c is enough, time to turn up the volume