The Last Ingredient:

Acquisitions That Secure Predictable Pricing: Rail:


PXL has proven that it can predictably grow production on a per share basis. It has done this now for 15 consecutive quarters, and impressively so as it figures out High Volume Lift. High Volume Lift is working well in all production areas. It looks like PXL has now formated it, and moved into the manufacturing phase. It is becoming ever more efficient. The last ingredient it requires is predictable pricing. Will this money be used to secure acquisitions that can access rail and thereby more predictable global oil prices? If this is what the acquisiitons are about the market is going to like it, and feel much better about the debt, in my opinion. Predictable, aggressive and leveraged growth; predictable pricing; and manufacturing profits. There may be some good opportunities out there right now given the recent distress. We know PXL understands the benefits of rail given its increasing use. Predictability can be worth a fortune.