Since that financing was being put together and announced there has been a significant change in general market sentiment. PXL may now be getting a netback of $30 on its non-hedged/non-railed production, and by December it could be getting $40. If PXL announces a forcasted 60% increase in production for 2013 next week it could have 4,320 barrels a day of production by year end, and given the higher netbacks by the end of the year it could have annualized cashflow of $63 million; but one year from the end of this year its forcast production for 2014 could have exit production 60% higher again. It is putting in place additional run-way for growth right now with the financing and will soon announce a reserves update expected to be significant. The financing may have offered a nice opportunity given the general market reversal, and the prospects for this company. We do live in volitile times, however.