My goal is going to be to accumulate shares of PUC at this current level.

Given the recent financing that we closed @.09 Cents & the historical price range we have traded in historical above .08 cents.

I have started buying the past few weeks at .06 cents i see this entry point as a huge discount to the .09 cent level that i feel we should be trading at.

Given the recent insider buying and the extradordinary low Share Price i feel this entry point has minimal downside maybe down to .05 Cents(20%) but potential upside to .09 Cents(50%).

We have some terrific people involved with this project such as David Mosher who played a role in the HRG development. We are located in a good geogrpahical mining district and strategically located close to the chinese market for rare earths.

I am not going to panic if this dips to .05 cents or .04 cents im simply going to open up the wallet.

GLTA Longs i hope this SP doesnt run to quickly so i can continue to buy at these discounted levels.

Just my honest opinion.