I don't care what birdbrain says ,  when birdbrain is bashing that means he's buying that's just his style and what has earned him close to 500 ignores. (whatever floats your boat)

The facts I posted are positive developments and something the longs here can appreciate whenever there are improving fundamentals, if we get the management execution to capitalize on these opportunities in a aggressive fashion, I thinks it's reasonable to expect share price appreciation to follow.

That may be construed as pump or just rational optimism, I guess it just depends which side of the fence you're looking at this play from, and why everyone should do their own due diligence and decide for themselves.

Having said that and Jmho to other longs here, I have to admit looking back when I first started buying into this company and looking over their properties, I never dreamed that the CBM play in China would turn into what looks like a massive shale gas discovery and even more surprising that Morningside,Gilby & Redwater could be awash in these hot new unconventional plays.

Who knows maybe like the new solstice of 2012 the planets are aligning for little ol Petromin, course just our luck if the Mayans are right & we never get to collect our booty....lol