that sounds concern now with the omission of licensing part of the tech in the new presentation is that we will be taken out cheap...insiders have their options worth a lot ...they will do fine and thus may not have the stomach or vision to see this through to gain maximum traction....i have seen this show before with prodigy gold taken out for $1.08 when given their proven reserves everyone thought $2.$3 or more was in the cards based on comparable entities....i made a little money on PDG but as we all know we retailers take huge risks with our entire investments ....lets hope the marketing firm was not hired to just solicit potential suitors for a cheap takeout in early 2014..heck the new BOD member with his connections brought on could do that by himself...i too am concenred on the lack of interest in this stock at the moment but no chance of selling certainly until we hear more leading up to the AGM...despite the concern i am still very optimistic as they have now a solid team behind them