Aye, GPT didn't appear to demonstrate much result for the fees they were handed last time.

Wouldn't it be somewhat disappointing (to use polite words) if we read the ("new"?) PR firm *is* GrowthPoint?

Quoting Bill the Cat:  "Accccckkkkkk!"

With luck, Mark & Co. have more results-driven sensibility than was evidenced by the "old-guard".

As to PR NR "next week", I'm personally (perhaps selfishly) hoping it holds off and we sit somewhere in the 60's for about another two weeks (mid-March), since I'm in the middle of shuffling some things around to load up more in a meaningful way, before the next pop.

Consider that once US promo gets rolling successfully that we're permanently over a buck (EoM April?).

Witnessing Sheldon going in for *another* 1MM himself (vs. via PNP) was a good trigger for me.

Gotta say, waiting for FI paperwork to clear between countries when you have a feel for what OPL's going to do in the immediate term *really* sucks.  

Like standing in front of a freight train with a grappling hook.

Let's hope I can catch it.