My head is exploding after trying to read the technical report oogee posted earlier in the day. Some really good history there about how complex this technology is and really when you look at it there is no surprise it has taken Taylor 24 years of R&D to find the answer.

2013 looks like it will be a great year for new technology. One of the listed technologies (in the article below) that I found interesting was this. Nothing really to do with Opel (but then again there probably is but we just don’t know it yet) other than the PR firm Opel is signing with launched a company that does this. By the way I found out about the PR firm strictly by accident and was asked to keep it to myself. We are all going to hear about it soon enough. It is not the biggest but it is very strategic and VC’s like Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Buyers have made a lot of money investing in companies that this PR firm has been associated with.

Anyway this is the technology that I found very interesting completely off topic other than the association with the PR firm.

“Indoor location will be bigger than GPS, which only works outdoors. We spend 90 percent of our time indoors, whether it’s in shopping malls, offices, schools, restaurants, and so on, where GPS doesn’t work or is inaccurate. In 2013, you’ll use your smartphone to find the exact store aisle location for every item on your shopping list.

“With indoor location, you can find people, products, or services plotted exactly on a floor plan with walking directions to get there. You could receive coupons, advertisements, or free offers for products based on where you are in a store. Imagine playing indoor location games like capture the flag, tower defense, or other games based on real-life indoor locations. There are thousands of applications in many different market segments that will be built using accurate indoor positioning technology.”