In case anyone missed this one the last time I posted it  . . .

This document perfectly explains the importance of POET and how it will impact all of it's vertical markets.  I really wanted to get this document to Lee Shepherd (Mrs. Shepherd if you are reading this please pass it on :)

Another document that I have reread several times since I bought my very first OPEL shares is this one:

Linking with Light

This article was actually recommended reading from CEO Lee Pierhal, and it remains the most accessible article on what POET does (although POET isn't specifically named). 

Interestingly, when this piece was written the author (and I'm assuming almost everyone else) believed that intra-chip optical interconnects might never become a reality, or if it did it would be 15+ years away.  The year it was written (2006) OPEL had already cracked the problem wide open.

Unfortunately OPEL never got the word out and that is why shares can still be bought at these laughably low prices.  This year things will change!