Personally, I don't think GrowthPoint will play any part in the new master plan.  Last I heard OPEL and GPT have a good relationship, but my belief is that they had to part ways when OPEL ran out of money last year trying to prop up the solar business.

This year, OPEL has Lee Shepherd doing the work GPT would be doing, and probably just as well for a fraction of the cost, and a greater vested interest in OPEL's success to the tune of 1M options.   Additionally, the new PR firm will be getting the word out to investors in an effort to get us to a reasonable SP before the companies Lee is in talks with gets them to lock up.  So the bonus is that the PR firm will be doing a service that GPT wouldn't be doing. 

I'm happy with the new arrangement as an alternative to returning to GPT.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if GPT never even started work on OPEL's behalf.  Remember, the selection of the GPT as our IB was the last "good news" NR before the string of LOC arrangements/cancelations.  OPEL was entering into a financial crisis and usually an IB (or even our new PR firm for that matter) would need to see healthy bottom line to ensure they would be paid for their services. Now that the PP is closed you can bet your left nut we get our PR firm NR next week!