If one of PNP's high quality investments kraps out he could easily start unloading OPL for cash like he did last time.   I get queasy when I think of what SI did to OPL in the past.   PNP trading at 3 year lows could  come back to haunt us.  


I don't agree at all, the only reason I've been comfortable enough (by no means am I seeing rainbows and unicorns) to leave my money in is because PNP has gone in pretty hard on this.  I'm guessing, but PNP likely dumped earlier as they were frustrated with the previous board as much as we were.  Why hang around in a stock if they aren't going in the right direction.

Myself I'm waiting to see what the next milestone says before anything.  I'm still not thrilled with the dilution and delays, but if Sheldon is continually buying -- there's got to be something on the horizon worth waiting for.