That was funny knowing your other sockpuppet is baggie4life micky.

LOL! are just too adorable for words!

I know you already know this, but I'll say it again for any new fans we may have out there who may have missed that episode.

 For any who don't know, our resident basher calls himself "Baggie4life"....also has a few handles as of whom I am currently responding to.

 I made myself a new account under the name "baggy4life"....note the different spelling?...apparently poor 2gals didn't!....go back and check those posts and see if they sound like the real "Baggie's" bashing was fun torturing him while it lasted.

 Keep swinging 2gals/ saggy/ yvrogne/ truffle.......and maybe even beenthere and rabbitears??? Who knows!

 Either way, you're a busy girl, who's already been caught in multiple lies and who probably wont' be around in another month or so.