Excuse me oogee, but how is what I posted lying? 


The third party valuation was all speculative in nature.  Prior to the March 10, 2011 news release requested by IIROC, as you can see from the news release, OPL needed to emphasize that this valuation was just speculation and couldn't be relied upon, as stated in the bottom.  This is called a disclaimer.  You do know what  a disclaimer is don't you?


True they didn't retract the third party valuation by removing it, but they did retract from it, it's validity and expressed that there is absolutely no guarantee that what was written could happen, "IF EVER". 


It's kind of like this 5 bagger in the short term being expressed here after that meeting in Toronto.  It's just speculation.  JMO







OPEL Solar Confirms No New Material Information

Shelton, Ct. March 10, 2011


OPEL Solar International Inc. (“OPEL” or “the Company”) announced today at the request of the IIROC Market Surveillance a general statement with respect to the large increase in volume of shares traded this past week. The Company previously announced being in receipt of a third party valuation of intellectual property developed by its U.S. affiliate, ODIS Inc. Since that announcement, the Company is aware that OPEL share trading has been robust. The Company would like to officially state that since the ODIS valuation press release of March 2, 2011, there has been no new material information regarding ODIS Inc. and the POET Technology. In addition to the press release on ODIS Inc., OPEL hosted a public conference call held on Friday, March 4, 2011 to discuss the valuation, strategic alternatives and the POET technology. A replay of the call is available on the OPEL website in the Investor Relations section. OPEL will update the public when there is new information to report under full disclosure requirements.


It is important to note that a third party valuation is not an indication of interest by any party, nor does it represent an actual offer to purchase the POET intellectual property. As indicated in the report, the POET Technology is still under development, and no assurances can be given that such development will be successfully completed, that the technology will be brought to commercial realization or that the Company's target markets will adopt this technology. Commercial applications of the technology will likely not be available for several years, if ever

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