Talk is cheap fairchij that's why OPL needs to execute on milestones, which to date have been postponed approx. 9 months.


I'm not sure what else needs to be said.  You and your other company guy posters can rant all you want, but until OPL hits its milestones as stated, there is risk here.


You and your other buddies seem to be downplaying the risk.  Why? 


Do you think there is no risk at this point in time?  If there wasn't risk, OPL wouldn't be trading below $0.50 and they wouldn't need to raise money in such a dilutive manner at this stage.


The reason they need to, IMO, is because there still is risk, and they need to entice participants to fill the financing with a low enough price and with 1 warrant to boot. 


Hopefully Opel will succeed in reaching each milestone as stated in their revised presentation.  Hopefully Opel won't need further financing.  Hopefully they won't need to revise their presentation again. 


You and others seem to think this is a sure thing, and your trying to entice investors that this is the truth, when it most definitely is not.  JMO