How nice of you to come to 2guys defense.  Are you in fact one of those 2 guys?

I'm starting to realize you can tell if a poster has negative sentiment (bordering on bashing) without even reading the content.  You can just count the number of question marks.  Usually the questions are known to the poster to be unanswerable, or are just plain undeserving of an answer.  That's what makes MC's latest post so hilarious!

You can look back at some posts from a couple of former pumper/supporters and see that this is true.  All you need is a bunch of ridiculous questions to spread FUD.  If "what ifs" were splifs we'd all be high.

Sadly, there is inequity here on the boards because supporters of a stock are supposed to provide all the answers, which is much more difficult task compared with generating a bunch of silly questions.  A supporter of a stock is also supposed to refrain from discussing the company's prospects with any kind of emotion, while a basher can make all kinds of outlandish statements.  In the end, some will consider their unsupported opinion or false facts to add necessary balance to the discussion.  I call BS.

Illumination, if your post had proper punctuation there would have been over half a dozen question marks.  And if anyone had the time and patience to read the content they would have unearthed this steaming brown gem: "What if the sampled chip doesn't live up to potential buyer's expectations[?]"

Really?  What is this the OJ Simpson trial?  They're going to hand Intel a chip and say try it on!  Then Intel will look pleadingly around the room for help in making the chip produce the desired performance level as stated in the accompanying white paper?  Wow.  Just wow.

The fact is (if you have any interest in facts, I don't know) 2guys posted an outright lie.  He said that OPEL retracted Pellegrino. This is completely false.  By definition a company can not retract a document/statement  made by a third party.  This claim is not only a lie but is also internally incoherent.  And in my opinion illumination, your support of this statement says all I need to know about your level of discernment.  I'm taking Aves advice and I will not waste my time discussing anything with you from now on.  I'll let reasonable posters repost anything you might write in the future which may accidentally have some merit and I will respond to them.