oogee, I'm not sure a PR firm is what's needed to get the price up near $2-$2.50.  That sounds more like a promo than technical/fundamental achievements to me.  I would prefer the latter to get the share price moving upwards. 


Achieving milestones is what should give the share price support, not promo, IMO.


Also, it's just a thought, but with such short term potential for any stock to move from $0.50 to $2-$2.50 range why wouldn't there be a higher demand from institutions?  I mean, I would expect Pinetreee to keep supporting their investment, but such short term gains would attract many big players would it not? 


The short term price was about 2-2.50 if I remember correctly. This price increase, created by the PR firm which is to be hired very soon (week or so), will run parallel with formal discussions with suitor companies.
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