here. the main thing is that i plan to acquire 400 shares over here this monday and look forward to seeing some really good profit. how things turn out i will just have to accept--whether fortune smiles or not, all i can do is manage my holdings where i try to maximize my profits and reduce my risks of loss--so far i have done really well with the two companies that i have holdings in--like i said no loss and an overall cost average of about .4784 cents a share for both my qsolar and natcore shares--this acquisiton will most likely keep my overall cost average at around the same price (i don't know for sure without running the numbers--but i suspect very close), so anything above .48 in all of my holdings is profit. my cost average for natcore is about .68 and my cost average for qsolar is about .36--so far everything is in profit albeit a modest one because i have very few shares of each 8100 in natcore, 500 in qsolar, and hopefully 400 over here--that will most likely be it for awhile because it takes me quite a bit of time to scrape money together. if opel does well enough i will hold for as long as i need to--until the buy out or as far as i can determine the company has reached its peak whichever comes first--but if the company doesn't do well--i will give it at least a solid year from monday then i may trade it off, although that isn't likely unless i see a total collapse--and i believe i will need to pull out--i don't think that will happen though. the bottom line is this, i know i will definitely do way better here than what i am getting in my savings account at my bank =) anything else well is all relative to what i'm looking for--like i said--i'm wanting to get at the very least $20/share with opel. i don't invest in loser at least not so far i haven't--if i thought this is a loser i wouldn't be here--i will make one last post for some while and that will be when i have in fact bought in--after which case i don't know whether i will continue to post beause of being fed up with this hostility it is very draining to say the least--i have better things to do then waste my energy on people who don't have the patience to respect others--i don't roll that way--besides pretty well everything i needed to say has been said--now either this company will do what we are wanting or it won't--only time will tell.glta