"everything" which i am not, become carte blanche bashing? come on now. i do the same thing on the boards of my other investments. when i was a newb at both natcore and qsolar yes, i questioned a lot to try to gather information as to whether these are the companies that i would invest in. at the end of those initial questionings i decided to buy in just as i am doing so here--people who keep thinking i have an agenda of some sort don't have a clue. now fairchij if anyone should get upset i should because there are those ardent supporters such as yourself (now)who are acting narrow mindedly--i expected more from you--from the others like mcnabb, kooter, cheapinkski i could expect that because they just didn't give any sort of thought to what i was trying to come in with--you tried yet when i honestly responded to you and then posted a few other things--now you are all of a sudden changing your tune and singing another song? like i say, i expected more from you--i'm thoroughly disappointed with you--i don't put people on ignore because they are not seeing things the way that i'm trying to explain it to them--i did say that i should go back and read more which i was and still am doing. but you know what--like i previously stated i'm not worth your time the same can be said about you not being worth mine--but i don't put anyone on ignore because i can see what peoples' thougts are--those that you put on ignore you can't and you may actually miss something--from me right now--well you decide for yourself. and to villain who i have actually started to address to and still am now--even after i have invested in a company like others here who are speaking truthfully--i do the same regardless of where it is--is that bashing? just because people are not one hundred percent happy with how things are going you call it bashing? people are simply stating facts according to their experience and if you just accept things without thinking about it--you might as be one of the sheeps in cheapinski's profile picture.