i'm saying exactly the same thing--why don't you get mad at those posters who make it sound like the company isn't doing that!!! there is so much information and misinformation that it is currently hard to make any sense of. and if you are saying it is hard for the company to establish strong earnings, that's not true--that's what licensing is for--trying to sell to people without showing some sort of revenue stream and expecting them to pay something other than a low ball figure is not going to happen and if it does well far be it from me to say otherwise.  if opel has a tech that far exceeds everything else and with everyone it has been in contact with they would have already offered a hefty price--to say that it is under the radar on one hand and then to talk about people who are in the lead to get their hands on this tech sounds a little contradictory don't you think? in any case, do as you like it just shows me that you're not worth my time either-