over here because it was only really relatively recently that the company shifted its attention from solar and divesting the solar part to focus on the poet end of the business. and while i totally get it that people who have been invested over here for considerable periods of time would like to see steep s/p appreciation, i think they also have to realize that one can not speed up the time that is necessary for everything to unfold. like i said, i can totally empathize with everyone here because the same thing is happening for me over at natcore as well as qsolar--the former as i have mentioned i have been invested in for 3 years and 9 months and the latter for about one and a half years--both are doing relatively well from my perspective in that i am not losing money but i am not seeing nearly as much as i would like (but again the modest gains are definitely preferable over seeing heavy losses). i feel fully confident that i will see what i want in time--i will keep holding until either i do or until  both of my holdings have hit their peak (both are still growing and no where close to their peaks) and will hit a down turn. for q i expect at minimum what i expect over here $20/share--when i make the acquisition-- (if done properly--i feel that both q and opel should do considerably better), for natcore--very early on on the board i had stated the company should be able to hit $300/share and that is what i expect from it. if qsolar and opel can hit what i expect of natcore and natcore hits $300/share then i will be a very happy camper. nevertheless, with this being said, only time will tell what each equity will do--the key however is both in the tech as well as how management continues to look after the share structure and business end of things--if these things are effectively handled anything is possible. glta