bitwit, at this point i see it the same way that you are stating it, and for you to be doing so as a shareholder and at the thumping of others who i believe are wearing rosed colored glasses is very refreshing. i'm not coming in here with rose colored glasses as to what others are saying, i just hope that things unfold favorably for everyone. in truth only time will tell whether this is going to live up to my expectations as well as others--like i have said, i simply can't see things developing at the buyout price that we are looking for under a year--i don't think that is going to happen--if it does i will be pleasantly stunned and all the better. in time--be it a year or more, i am looking to sell for nothing less than $20/share and that is just tolerable for me especially after hearing most shareholders over here speak so highly of what there is--anything else as i have stated repeatedly would not be becoming of this company and will be a great waste and shame for a very promising technology--i hope that management isn't bs'ing like you and several others are stating because if they are this whole equity will be ruined in very much the same manner as others that i looked into (i.e. intertainment, bioexx specialty protein, trans gaming) and that is actually very troubling. with this being said, every company bs's to some degree but it is what happens in the end that is important and i don't think we are nearly as close to it as others believe. glta