How are tihngs looking erroneous?  If you sat down to read about the company, I think you would be able to develope your own opinions.  I think the main reason the SP is as low as it is is greatly for the same reason you are talking about. OPEL is known in the USA, and they are known in industry.  I think they have a little bit of a senonemous past and BS'ing management lying to shareholders and analysts on the open calls.


So I can seriously see why people are a little heasitent.  I personally believe in the technology, by I do have to admit I have that "what if" in the back of my head that they are not nearky as ready to license out their tech (like ARM does).  I think you also need to realize that this is on the VENTURE exchange.  As a result, they are essentially an un-proven company.  The IBM's, CISCO's, and big fund investors/rich people probably don't see these guys as a good investment opportunity due to the inherent "risk" associated with Venture exchange listings. (they are here after all because they are in the raising capital stage)  Anyhow I personally would like to get nother 40-50k worth of shares under for under 50cents, and I'm hoping there are no sudden SP explosions up in the meantime. :)