fairchij, i have only read briefly the company's website and haven't extensively read the presentation, i have for the time being mostly been following what is being stated over here--which i will readily admit is looking to be very errorenous on my part to do so--especially given that i will be investing over here this coming monday. i think while reading the poet presentation that you have been sharing maybe i am missing some pieces while also taking into account and seeing what others have posted i may not be as fair in my comments as i could/would be when being more fully aware of the situation. i can understand that this is still under the radar as you are stating and that opel is working closely with numerous companies to try to get things moving along in as efficient manner as possible and to that extent i will concede maybe i am being somewhat harsh in my comments--most of which as you know have to do with my concern over the outstandings more so than the technology--i haven't as of yet said i don't think the technology is good but that i believe it is, although i have stated that maybe the tech isn't quite ready and the reason why the buyout is tough to get at the price point we may be looking for (at least that is what i am trying to say but it might be coming across as being very muddled). hence, my comments in terms of capital expenditure, projected outstandings, etc are superfolous to that-and based on projections which may or may not be accurate--and something i will concede hasn't been the best thing to have done, while my intent was really trying to say that regardless of the current outstanding shares and regardless of what they may be--if the tech is extremely well received as is hoped it really wouldn't matter in the end. as with the outstandings and as to how far they will become diluted it is anyone's guess just as it is to how long things will take for very satisfying buyout. without a doubt i will readily admit that i have to a better job in my own due diligence and do some more reading which comes directly from the source--but like i have said, i can not just blindly accept everything the company/any company tells me and weigh everything that is stated by the company, by others who have had both positive and negative experiences as a shareholder as well as what my own intuition tells me so that i can protect my investment--where i will most likely than not make money. thank you for taking the time and being patient with me. may all health, wealth, happiness and successes be your's and to everyone over here. glta