Illumination. Did you read any of the presentation? None of these companies were aware of the advanced nature of this technology. It has been worked on in isolation for years with just the military involvement and funding. It has been under the radar. The message from the monetization team who are the same people brought on in the summer to get the solar sold and fix the balance sheet have completed those first two tasks. Now the goal is to monetize POET in a very short and strategic manner. They are moving very quickly on delivering this technology into the hands of the biggest companies in all the vertical markets associated with POET. That is at the senior technical levels of these companies and at the same time a strategy is being put in place to engage the CEO levels at these companies. The p and n channel complimentary heterostructor field effect transistor was validated at BAE 2 years ago and has gone through a number of feature size reductions. It will end up being 10 to 15 times faster than the current silicon CMOS technology and much more energy efficient. It is the first device of its kind that has ever been built in anything other than silicon CMOS. That device alone is more than enough to open the doors in any of these companies. The continuous wave laser was the biggest technical challenge confronting Taylor. In other words and I am paraphrasing 49 of the 50 steps have already been achieved. The rest is just work. And these companies who Lee and Mark and Peter are talking to know this.