why on earth would i openly state that i will be picking up shares in opel on mondayl if i have questionable motives? and what is my questionable motive other than wanting to make tons of money in companies that i invest in? i don't either consider or invest in junk companies--if i felt that was the case over here i wouldn't be here and spending so much time talking about it to inevitably come to the conclusion that i will be a shareholder. there are lot of people who are no where as open as i am and like everyone i really don't need to be--but why am i so open--because of the very opposite reason that you are talking about. i state my holdings in everything in am invested in to the t as well as when i buy and sell (i will tell why) shares both on the qsolar boards as well as on the natcore boards, which i have to say is far more than what others actually do. i'm virtually an open book, a lot more than i can say of others. in any case, i know that i have ruffled some feathers in what i have stated and continue to state-- sometimes my posts may not translate well but the only motive i have here is to meet my investment objectives and make a lot of money in the process, however, i will speak as honestly about my holdings as i can good and bad and that is what my motives will always be- whether you believe this or not is up to you--in any case like i said--i want all of us to succeed in our investments. glta.