fairchij, yes and no--if certain aspects of the company are either licensed/bought out whatever is the case that is fantastic but for what people are talking about in regards to intel, i don't think this is the case because if opel was ready technologically speaking to the extent everyone is wanting of it--i'm sure that the company would have been sold by now- there have been posters who have attested to the fact that opel hasn't fully reached the technological milestones that it would need to achieve such a buyout. nevertheless, with this being said, if opel can raise money while continuing to develop and advance the technology i wouldn't be any happier because that would put the company in a position where it can avoid any further pp and that too 11 million issuance of shares at a time--and something that i would always strongly advocate to--i would actually look to enter into a non-exclusive licensing with companies so that you can have a broader base to market to, however, if someone is going to lock you up then of course negotiate the best possible deal because you are sacrificing scope--all of these business decisions would need to be carefully planned out with the overall objective in mind, and if that overall objective is to be bought out by someone like intel and that the company would need money to further technological development then take the best price without sacrificing too much while doing so--hence my preferences to licensing rather then selling chunks out unless you really need to-in any case, i hope this makes sense. glta