i don't honestly think it will be anywhere near that--but it won't be small either--i would suspect between 150 million and 300 million mostly because the company still needs time to work on the tech--and it is likely it will need to raise capital--the 500 million figure is to try to convey that if the company can even be worth half of what dell is in terms of the buy out price--say at 12 billion and let's say that at the very worst case the outstandings reached 500 million-- shareholders would see at least in the $20's (24/share as to my calculations) buyout share price which is way better than what some would be happy at between $5-$10. look, i wouldn't want to see huge outstandings either--that was the first thing that i had talked about when coming to this board and what management really needs to control--but when i have seen how capitally intense things can be, i have accepted that the outstandings are not going to be pretty--but when i finally secure shares over here on monday--i will hold management to task to keep the outstandings as low as possible--the lower the better--only then would shareholders like myself see tantilizing buyout prices--i'm honestly not looking for anything under $20 but that is even too low for my liking--i am really looking more between the minimum of 50-100/shares, but the higher the better, which would require outstandings to be fairly low--we don't know the exact numbers and i appologise if my hypothetical sounds insultive that wasn't what i was trying to convey--i was just trying to say that i think if management does things properly the buyout shouldn't be less than $20/share--if it is that will not be becoming of this tech and those with smaller holdings--management needs to be mindful of everyone not just the inner circle or those with massive amounts of shares--and the way they can convey it is by controlling the outstandings. glta