Read the last line of this article....Intel is hungry for new tech, especially to give it an advantage in the ever growing mobile market.....Rob's "Poet Inside" logo might just come to be a reality!


Intel announces Atom Lexington Z2420 chip for ‘affordable’ mobile devices

Intel said Monday it would step up efforts to make chips for smartphones and other mobile devices by targeting emerging markets and the speedily on the rise “value” segment.

Intel unveiled its plans at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest tech sector event, highlighting its efforts to get a larger share of the sizzling mobile market.

Intel said its plans include “a new smartphone platform for emerging markets,” one of the fastest on the rise areas for these devices.

“The best of Intel is appearance to a mobile device near you,” said Intel’s Kirk Skaugen.

“We are set to deliver the largest increase in battery efficiency in Intel’s history while adding broad new human interfaces to computing devices through touch, voice, fac ial recognition, and gesture-based interactions.

“We’re also significantly extending the performance and power savings in Atom processors as we accelerate our mobile offerings in an unprecedented fashion in 2013.”

Intel said its low-power Atom processor-based platform would be targeted at the value
smartphone market segment, estimated to get to 500 million units by 2015.

It said companies at the bottom of the effort include Acer, Lava International and Safaricom.

Intel is the world’s largest maker of computer chips, but has been struggling as consumers and businesses budge to mobile devices powered by a different kind of processor.