I’ve been in this trade for over 2 years now.  I've taken the high road and back to the low road.. All the way up, and back to the bottom. I've read a lot of posts here during this time.

I think it’s time............

It truly feels like a slap in the face on all of us, if an insider were to sell right now given the recent comments on how NO insider sold as of lately.  Doesn’t it?  You must ask yourself why? 

"Quoted at the recent  meeting in Toronto by Copetti"  “As an investor it is a great story. Nobody in this company has sold stock since Mark and I have arrived. There has not been a sale. There is a new culture at this company not like past practices”

"Surely it must be an error, don’t you think?

I would have thought all of the insiders would have been on the same page, and have all the same inside information as to where this stock is going.  They should all have all the same goals…(if one sells, all sell)   ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!  No one insider would sell knowing where this stock is going. Every insider right now should be buying. And buying a lot..  So it has to be one of these reasons!

A).The seller really, really, really  needed the cash.

B).The insider management are not getting along, and one wanted to make a " look at me, don't forget me, don't tell me what to do!"  statement.

C).Maybe Shelley was PiZZed  (He was not invited to recent meetings)  As surely he didn’t need the few bucks, and he's not one to buy high sell low.

D). Or it’s all a big mistake.

Is there another reason why?  As a great Canadian once said. "Is That Weird Or What?"

I hope its “D”  Come on insiders, start buying like the rest of us. Show us the CULTURE!!