That is good advice bluedart.  Personally I'm excited about the technology regardless of my investment. 

As far as my investment is concerned, it is both responsible and irresponsible at the same time depending on how you look at it.  In terms of total money invested, it's not crazy.  I never invest grocery money.  I'm 38 with 4 daughters under 8.  It's not like I have lots of cash to throw into a brokerage account.

But as far as my investments are concerned, I've broken all the rules of disciplined investing for OPL.  I bought my first stocks in Dec 2010 to get my feet wet in investing, generally.  I had a very small basket of stocks in a diversity of sectors and slowly sold them beginning in March 2011 to lock in profits and stop further losses during the downturn.  Rather than sit on cash I bought more OPL, which was a  mistake in retrospect.  I could have owned many more shares if not for being hasty.

So when I make statements like the one you quoted, it's because I'm excited that POET is finally ready to hit the market after so long.  As for having to "to constantly buoy up [my] belief", it's worse than that.  I'm convinced we will have a positive outcome.  I'm totally biased when it comes to the potential of this company. My posts are written to express that, and to combat FUD being posted by those who have lots more work to do DD-wise.

So having said all that, never, and I mean NEVER, take any statement I make as advice to buy this or any other stock.  I couldn't do TA on a chart to save my life, and I've only been investing since basically 2011.