hopefully this PP closes quickly, then there will only be one place to get your shares.  The CP states that there are no further plans for dilutive equity financing.  Also one of the  first things they are going to do is hire a PR firm to do the kind of promotion to raise the SP.

Personally I think closing the PP in the given timeframe would give us a major boost without any PR.  I've heard whispers that POET is not as well known to the industry as we were led to believe.  I'm hearing that Lee Shepherd is finding out that many of the companies he is meeting with are excited and surprised about the current level of development.   This corroborates what VanVillain wrote and it matches up with some DD I did through some family with high level connections to Intel and Luxtera.

Personally I think when OPEL hires some PR we will see some media shockwaves in a relatively short period of time.  That is what might get us to the level we want to be short term.