I guess we all knew that they would need to raise capital.. i wish it had been done in the .60's but if they get the capital needed then managment says it will take them thru to commercialization. That's where as investors we need to be. The stock is not what you would consider overly diluted.  I've invested in mining stocks for years and they are always raising money because it's a capital intensive sector. When all the drilling and licensing are done then they still need a few hundred million to build the mine... less for a strictly open pit mine.

I would think if OPL can commercialize their product and be under $160M shares issued then shareholders will be in good shape... heck even 200M shares outstanding would be small considering the size and scope of future sales.

Patience is something most of us have little of but just maybe we will be surprised over the next few months. I'm still wondering why BAE hasn't jumped in and tried to get a  j/v with OPL.. almost makes me wonder if managment isn't leaning toward the sales of part or all of POET technology. I will take $12 to $20 for my shares!! :)