And I guess the only alternative way the O/S could increase is if former insiders like McCoy and Berrios decide to exercise options.  I say former insiders since current ones would show on SEDI.

Here's a few folks who could up the O/S without reporting (and sell shares)

Berrios: 395000 options (some at 23) and 40000 shares

McCoy: 1113000 options (!) and 112000 shares

Middleton: 738000 options (no shares)

Collins: 525000 options (no shares)

Kunkel: 1,617,750 options (!) 181250 shares

I didn't list all of the names because I think many of the older options may have expired by now. For all I know some of these options may have expired too, and why anyone would exercise options *now* of all times?! . . .

It's easier to imagine recent PP participants doing it to lock in profit and/or invest in something else cheap.  But I thought I'd post this just for the record.