Thanks to you too, fairchij and everyone else on the OPL train!

It's been a crazy year - in a good way, like the opposite of last year.  A big reason has to be all the changes that took place just before the AGM.  Maybe OPEL will be welcome back in TO for the next one LOL :)  But seriously, I'm not a big believer in luck, but I feel like it was down to a coin flip as to whether or not we were going under for good and handing over our IP to an off-shore loan shark bank. 

A big thanks has to go to IBK for orchestrating the necessary changes to point us in the right direction.  An then I agree, a big thanks to the POET team, the revitalized BOD, and our new partner for 2013 (whoever you may be)

I have a feeling OPEL will want to hit the ground running in January to get the belated Q4 milestones on the books by mid-late Jan.  If the market is stable by then we could see some real excitement.  Can't wait!!