To put some perspective on the current share price.

In June, July and Aug a total of 4.65 million shares traded on the Venture at an average price of .227

In the 8 trading days since the laser announcement a total of 7.85 shares have traded on the Venture at an average price of .623

I highly doubt that the share price is going to drop below the average price so far in December. I would also suggest that a lot profit taking has already occurred and new shares that have been purchased are in stronger hands.

50,000 warrants were exercised last week. None so far this week. That is a very small number indicating that many of those holders expect this stock to go higher.  Also when you consider insider buying (likely Pinetree) at 52 week highs seen this week it would suggest that well informed investors see this stock going higher and are taking this opportunity to buy. The buying buy Macquarie today could be interesting as well.