the NR also got picked up by Compound Semi, here:

fwiw, Tom at Bullworthy.COM is interested in a follow-up, so I pointed him to Patty.  Not sure if she'll play ... caution, he might just be looking to sell his site's PR "coverage" ($7500/month I think).  But kudos, he did do the first article unsolicited (albeit with outdated OPELF numbers).

plus, to put it simply, Todd Coupland & Robin Hing (the Tech sector seniors at CIBC World Markets) "know about OPL".

maybe she has bigger fish to fry than the Bullworthy guy (BNN, WSJ, Todd, Robin, etc.), but I hope she at least acks him (ie, doesn't alienate him with a brush-off).

Let's break and hold the 60s today, hmmm?