Nice find AKK, although as usual OPEL is (so far) only promoting their tech to fellow nerds....hopefully Lee Shepherd will fill the rest of the non- pocket protector wearing public of this huge accomplishment.

“This is a key milestone in our acceleration of POET for commercial application,” notes OPEL’s CEO Leon M. Pierhal. “OPEL now has all components in place for on-chip integration of photonic circuits in the same semiconductor framework as electronic circuits,” he adds.
   Uhmmm....can I wait 8 more weeks for the next evolution of electronic technology???.....Yep.....every milestone that gets achieved from here on in is just gravy.....the laser was our key-stone...don't kid yourselves..INTEL, AMD and the other big boys are all watching very closely.....wonder which one'll blink first?
  Our ex-CFO was asked over a year ago by a shareholder...."why aren't you marketing POET to anyone", "no one seems to know about it" which he replied....."EVERYONE knows about POET!"
  Just a matter of time folks, in the meantime, let's just enjoy the entertainment provided by that legendary comedy duo, wabbit and beennowhere....they can't hold a candle to our dear, departed truffle......but I guess they'll have to suffice!