ATTA-BOY TRUFF!! What is that?...3 Quality bashes so far today?? And not one of them was deleted by SH!! Way to go buddy!! Finally my coaching is obviously starting to sink in....well it took a while, but look at the quality work your producing now! I seriously should go into "basher consultation" think I could put you down as a reference?? Keep up the good work and whatever you do DON'T let all this talk about how McCoy's nr was nowhere near an update on POET...and Solar wasn't mentioned need to distract from that PRONTO!! I love the fact that you said you bought last week, cause it was running to .50...and today you say you sold....beautiful!...That's the way you play the basher game buddy. By the way, don't let anyone know about McCoy's role being almost enitrely on the Solar side....'cause that'll hurt your good work.....also, if another nr comes out this management was saying.....well......if it's a POET update and it's good.....uhmmmmm......could I get paid in advance this week?....I've got this terrible feeling you're not going to be around to coach much longer.MC>