fairchij, what do you want me to say ?

I am a very honest person

I tell it as I see it.

Yes, I have had a very bad string of luck.

Yes, I have told the world through the BBs

OPL is just another one of my losers.

What else can I say

Everyone one of my losers have had a guy like you on the BB

What difference does it make you.

Y ou got your money out of this

You made your money

The only thing I will give you credit for is that you have put much more effort into then the others ever did

You know I don't know you.

You know that you don't know me.

What I wrote about you was all based on my observations of all your posts

Nothing more than that.

You are quite full of yourself and it shows

You have a sense of "entitement" and that comes from being overpaid for what you have done in life.

And that has continued with your success in the market.