Beenthere I have taken a special interest in you since you found it necessary to post some of my work history. I have no idea why you would do that but if you wish I could post my resume which I am very proud of if your think it is of some interest to this forum?

So often when I see your name come up I logout and in doing so I can view your posts.  I have been trying to figure you out beenthere.  So I went through some of your more recent posts last night when I was not doing anything and I had prepare the following I did not post but I think this might be a good time before we become far too busy on this forum to even consider your insignificant remarks.

Has anyone ever checked out beenthere. I mean apart from all the posting he does here to complain? I don`t think I have ever come across a bigger loser. No wonder he is always fighting with people. It looks like he just loses money on everything he buys then moves on. Apparently he likes to buy at the top.  Slow night just thought I would take a short look at his recent posts. I would doubt very much he has ever added value in terms of due diligence to any stocks he has ever owned. Maybe that is why he has a history of losing money. A very sad individual. Gets very upset at MC for joking around. He obviously likes to dish it out but can’t take it.

Nov 28: BNC… I sold my shares at quite a loss awhile ago and put my money in ICO

Nov 16: MDG,,, 30% loss not counting my margin interest to carry this for 2 years plus

Oct 25: NRI… I bought my first 1000 shares in 2000 for $12.50 I sold them this past summer for 8 cents

 Oct 24: MDG… I have reduced my position quite abit and went to BTI and ICO

Sept 13: BNC…done with this pos. Sold everything at 50 cents for a 50% loss bought  ICO

Sept 4 SCG: where to hell are the resident pumpers (and bashers)? on vacation? or completed their mission?

Aug 29 MDG: As everyday passes I get more concerned that they are not even going to give us a $1 a share

Sometimes you just have to move on. I did the same thing with NRI in June after holding it for 12 years and losing more than a $100,000