Aves the continuous wave vertical laser is the key to the optical interconnect.  The laser is a key element to POET technology. No one anywhere has ever been able to put a laser on a chip which contains all the necessary elements to produce a system on a chip. Opel is focusing on the optical interconnect because it has huge potential and a superior product could easily penetrate that market in today’s environment when industry giants want to show that they are doing more with less and reducing their carbon footprint through advancing technology. Lee Shepherd is the guy for optical interconnect. That is his thing. He was not hired to sell IR detectors. Optical interconnect is a huge barrier for everyone. You can hear Taylor say this. Taylors design introduces a fabrication methodology that will allow the laser to be produced on the same chip as all the electronics that are required to drive the laser. The design transfers energy very efficiently so the heat produced is minimal and manageable at ambient conditions.